Dev Blog: Concept art Part 2

Dev Blog: Concept Art Part 2

After a few iterations of concept art, based around different ideas and styles, I finally went away one last time and designed buildings and street furniture, which we were finally both happy with. The idea came to me to try and make as many man-made things in the world as music-based as possible. That means that chairs, buildings, furniture etc all should try to have a musical theme to them. This could mean that man-made objects could either share similar characteristics as musical instruments or as music notes found in sheet music. However, what I liked about the previous concept art that I created, was that both the Jazz world and the Blues world were designed to have different styles to them. In previous iterations, this difference was created through shape, geometry, colour and spacing, so I tried to use some of these differences in this design as well. The Jazz side of the world was designed to remain colourful, warm and smooth, and the Blues side of the world was designed to be dreary, cold and angular. However, additionally, I thought it could be interesting to use specific instruments for each side. For instance, Jazz music commonly uses instruments such as the Cello, Saxophone and Trumpet, so I, therefore, thought I could use these instruments as inspiration for house designs. Blues music alternatively, uses instruments such as the Accordion, Guitar and Harmonica more frequently, so I, therefore, used these instruments more commonly in the Blues side of the world. By using specific instruments independently on each side, both sides of the world now had their own specific styles of architecture and design, which influenced the creation of homes, benches and street lights. The use of instruments in correlation to the colour scheme of 1960s America helped create a unique style for the game, built with two diverse and different architectural styles. The concept art below shows the differences between the Jazz and Blues world and illustrated how I wanted the buildings to look from a front and side perspective.

This was the final design in regard to concept art for environments. Although the character concepts were not yet completed, we knew this is what we wanted the world to look like. We have utilised these designs throughout the whole process to the very present, in order to make a constant and coherent world which follows design rules. You can see below, in my level design and modelling process, this concept art, which was created in the early months of this project, have consistently been used to create a world with two diverse and unique environments representative of both styles of music.

For more information around how the world was modelled see blog page:

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